16 Body Language Signs | A Guy Secretly Likes You

Body Language For Love

by Shamsul
Man's Love
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13- He Tries to Sit Next to You

If a guy is secretly into you, he will try to sit next to you. He wants to spend his maximum time with you. If a guy from your group tries to sit next to you, he wants to establish close relationships with you. It means he secretly loves you and shows everyone that you are a couple. He will do everything to sit next to you. From this sign, you can easily find his secret love.

If it becomes a habit, then it is obvious that he is into you. He will try to enter your personal space so that he can show his deepest feelings to you. He can also ask to spend some time alone only with you. This is the make or break time for him. You can say yes to him if you also like him. But, it is totally up to you. If a guy secretly likes you, he alters his schedule to spend maximum time with you. He can even sacrifice his gatherings and family functions for you.

When sitting next to you, he will try to hold your hand. It is another sign that he has feelings for you. Keep in mind that if he does this without crossing any boundaries, he is the right guy for you and he is serious about you. He can also take permission before touching your hands. He is into you if he tries to kiss and hug you subtly.

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