16 Body Language Signs | A Guy Secretly Likes You

Body Language For Love

by Shamsul
Man's Love
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11- His Voice Shakes

If a guy’s voice shakes whenever he talks to you, it is a big sign that he has developed some personal connection with you. You will feel nervous and your voice will change automatically whenever you come close to your favorite girl. He will start talking to you like a little kid. You can easily notice this sign. Well, this case is the same for both men and women. Women can also show this kind of behavior if they secretly like a guy.

According to research, women are more sensitive than men. So, it is completely natural if their voice changes suddenly when seeing her favorite person. It is due to the uncontrollable attraction for each other.

If a guy talks with you in a deeper tone, it means he is trying to impress you because he likes you. He wants to show his masculinity because most women prefer masculinity over subtleness. He will try to show his masculinity in every possible way so that he can get your attention. So, if a man tries to deepen his voice intentionally, it means he wants to show his deepest feelings without being uncomfortable.

Another subconscious way is that he will speak to you loudly but it is completely unintentional. It shows that he wants to convey his message. He knows so many men are in the line, so the competition is huge. He wants to stand out from the rest so you can notice his secret love.

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