15 Online Tools to Improve Business and Yield

Tools to Improve Business

by Shamsul
Tools to Improve Business
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15 Online Tools to Grow Business and Improve Productivity

Growing your business is not that easy as it seems. It has become more challenging to improve the productivity of your business due to economic upheaval. Whether you are a novice online coach or a pro, using some essential online tools is imperative to grow your business. Hundreds of amazing online tools and sites can boost your business performance and productivity. Today, we will share the list of 15 best online tools. All of them are tried and tested.

No matter how much you earn from online coaching, investing in smart online coaching tools and platforms is vital to increase your revenue stream. When you have these online tools in your mind, you will easily find out what you need to take your business one step ahead. Bonus, most of the tools are free of cost. Meaning you can use them without paying anything.


Why are Online Tools Important?

Online tools can do wonders when it comes to maintaining your business without any fuss. They give you a clear idea of running your business smoothly. You can solve your customers’ problems more efficiently when you have access to these online tools. From onboarding your clients to receiving payments and getting organized, online tools can help in different ways. As a result, you can promote your business with no trouble.


It is very easy to book your coaching sessions with the help of Calendly because it is a popular scheduling platform. They collaborate with different platforms such as Calendly to provide better performance to users. You don’t need to pay anything because it is totally free. If you don’t want to use Calendly, then Google Calendar is the perfect substitute.


Through Podia, you can sell digital products, online courses, memberships, and coaching sessions. Many bloggers like this amazing tool to earn money because it offers everything to them. You can boost your revenue stream with ease using this platform. You can sell your coaching services. Plus, it also stores your payment records.


Want to manage your calendar free of cost? Consider Paperbell, which is one of the latest platforms for managing, booking and getting paid. From classes to coaching sessions and contract signing, it can help you in various ways. It is the perfect alternative if you don’t sell online courses. There are no signup charges but you have to pay after using one month.


During Covid-19, this platform gained maximum popularity. It is a video call platform for one-on-one meetings. It is easy to use and you can deliver your coaching sessions online through this platform. Plus, it also allows you to share your screen if you are giving a presentation. On the other hand, it also provides recording facilities to users.

Google Workspace

Keep your business documents in one place with the aid of Google Workspace. This platform is very versatile because it features Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Meet, and many more. You just have to create your account to get all these services without any cost. Moreover, free versions are enough to fulfill daily tasks, but some professional suites are available for businesses and companies.


Another useful tool for managing programs, to-do lists and projects is Airtable. Many professional online coaches use this program for managing different projects. The best thing about this online tool is that it is free and works on mobile and desktop. Plus, it is very easy to use. In a nutshell, you will get countless workspaces and bases.


Tracking your income and expenditures will be easier with Freshbooks. Many bloggers and online businesses love this tool. They just require a very reasonable monthly fee and you will get their awesome accounting services. It is a must-have for bloggers and coaches. You can use it through your mobile device and desktop. You will surely fall in love with this online business tool.


There are many payment processing tools, but Stripe is one of the best platforms. It works like PayPal because it accepts your credit cards as well. Plus, it is a powerful platform for those who are running an online business. Moreover, it is compatible with a range of platforms and tools. So, it is super easy to use.

Coaching Agreement Template

It is important to protect your business and clients legally and financially if you are running an online business. For this purpose, you must have a coaching agreement in your hand. It will help to define your and your client’s limitations. This agreement aims to offer your services at a specific price. If you don’t have money to get this agreement from a lawyer, you can just consider the Coaching Agreement Template. It is ideal for protecting your business from getting sued. This kind of investment is necessary to run your business smoothly.


After getting your coaching agreement, you need to sign it with your client. If you are wondering how to sign a soft copy, then you can get help from HelloSign. This tool generates electronic signatures along with the date. So you can file it without any worries. The company offers a free trial but you have to pay a minimal amount after one month of use. If you deal with different types of clients, then this tool is extremely useful for you.



Sparking the interest of clients is a challenging task. You promote yourself and your brand on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., to get the attention of potential clients. Posting content on Instagram takes so much time and effort. However, you can make your posts aesthetically appealing using Planoly. You can effortlessly design any theme for the post you will post on Instagram. This online tool is also very helpful in planning captions and scheduling tasks. This online tool is a must-have for everyone wanting to grow their Instagram audience.

Self-Hosted Blog

Want to promote your coaching business without breaking your pocket? Exploiting a self-hosted blog will help you to promote your content on your site and other social media platforms. By using this tool, your blog will get the right attention from the clients. You can showcase your services to them by telling them how you can provide assistance.


People like well-written content. In the category of coaching tools, Grammarly leads in the chart. This app is also free for users, but the paid version is excellent for professionals. You can check your grammar mistakes, spelling errors and even get suggestions to make your blog interesting and appealing. As a result, you can show your capabilities in a better way.


Canva Pro

Whether you are a coach or blogger, you must use Canva Pro. It allows you to design and manage your client courses, workbooks, and welcome packages. It also has the ability to design your visuals for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and more. There is no need to take the tension of posting because you can set scheduling posts with this tool. In this way, you can effortlessly manage your social media blogs.

Facebook Page – Messenger

A Facebook page is essential for every online business because it is one of the most popular online coaching tools. Connecting with your audience through a Facebook page or Messenger is super easy. As a result, you can manage your profile and social profile without any hassle. A Facebook Messenger will also allow you to communicate with your clients during a coaching session. This tool will help you to grow and promote your online business.


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