12 Largest & Busiest Passenger Traffic Airports All Over the World

by Shamsul
Busiest Airports
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12 Largest & Busiest Passenger Traffic Airports All Over the World


Role of Airports

Day by day the demand for transport has been increasing thus it is need of the hour to expand the existing airports. Most airports are redesigned to meet the ever-increasing needs. 12 airports are claimed to be the busiest and biggest as these handle the highest passenger traffic and transport the most significant cargo worldwide. These airports are responsible for transferring mail, food, clothes, and people to move from one place to another. In addition to moving passengers and packages, airports are liable to offer employment and a significant rise up in economies worldwide.

Whenever you travel through an airport, just think about the momentous role of an airport in continuing daily operations. These airports are meant to fulfill logistical confronts and move travelers along with their luggage on a timely basis each day.

Here are the 12 full of activity airports, ranked based on overall arrivals and departures per annum. These airports are undoubtedly miracles of engineering and behind the scenes immeasurable efforts to run transportation smoothly.

The 12 Busiest and Largest Airports Worldwide

  • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
  • Capital Beijing International Airport
  • Tokyo, Haneda International Airport
  • Dubai International Airport
  • International Los Angeles Airport
  • Heathrow Airport
  • International O’Hare Airport
  • Pudong Shanghai International Airport
  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport
  • Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
  • Fort Worth/Dallas International Airport

AirportLocationRunwaysNo of Travelers (2017)
Hartsfield JacksonUSA (Atlanta)           5103,902,992
China Beijing Beijing           3‎95,786,296
Dubai Garhoud           288,242,099
JapanTokyo International           4‎84,956,964
USA, Los AngelesLos Angeles              484,557,968
International O’HareChicago, USA              879,828,183
London, HeathrowHeathrow Airport               278,012,825
International Hong Kong AirportChina, Hong Kong               272,867,000
Pudong Shanghai AirportChina, Shanghai               570,001,237
Charles de Gualle ParisFrance, Roissy-en France               469,471,442
Schiphol Amsterdam AirportNetherland, Haarlemmermeer               668,515,425
Fort Worth Dallas AirportTexas, Dallas Fort Wort               767,092,224

1- Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, USA

The main hall inside Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic.

The busiest airport in the world is located in Georgia, America. More than 100 million travelers use this airport on an annual basis. The number of passengers is increasing on a permanent basis. Many people in your social circle have used Hartsfield-Jackson airport since it is recognized as the leading center in North America. It is the hub for smaller airlines, Delta Airlines and Airways AirTran. The maximum business of this airport depends on Delta Airlines because almost 60% of ATL travelers use this hub.

For the last 20 years, this airport has been maintaining the first position worldwide. Since 1998, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport has been acknowledged as the busiest airport, handling more than 275,000 passengers on a daily basis. It is a source of pleasure for Atlantic people because this airport acts as a model for new airports.


2- PEK, Capital Beijing International Airport

PEK, Capital Beijing International Airport

If we compare the top-rated airports in Asia, Capital Beijing International Airport is the most demanding and the largest airport; however, it is ranked the 2nd biggest airport worldwide. Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Air China are some large airlines using this airport on a regular basis. This International Airport has also expanded its area and added high-tech facilities within the last ten years.

The economy is flourishing in China and Beijing, helpful in making this airport the central point for businesses. To accomplish the requirements of outstanding superlative airport services, the airport will continue its development phase.


3- DXB, Dubai International Airport

DXB, Dubai International Airport

Within the last few years, International Dubai Airport has done well by leaps and bounds. Consequently, an above 5.5% increase in traffic has been noticed within a year. In the past, Tokyo was the third leading airport that was pushed back by Dubai International Airport.

90 airlines partner with this international airline, offering flights over and above 240 destinations on six continents. For four successive years, Dubai Airport has given the first rank for worldwide passengers and second rank for worldwide shipment. It is impressive that Terminal Three of Dubai airport is the 2nd greatest terminal.

 No doubt, it is a rapidly growing airport, receiving a twofold number of travelers within 4 years. In 2021, this airport gave services to 29.1 million passengers. An increase in the number of travelers means to increase in the number of runways. The airport greatly impacts the revenue and gives much more than oil sources.


4- HND, International Tokyo Airport

HND, International Tokyo Airport

Haneda or Tokyo Airport is the fourth leading airport. In 2020, almost 31million people transited, deplaned, and planned from this airport. Growth in traveler traffic has made it crucial to expand the airport.

Usually, domestic traffic is handled at Tokyo Airport. At present, an international terminal has been introduced for worldwide travelers, and it has raised the number of travelers. On an annual basis, Haneda airport deals with more than 90,000,000 travelers, and the number is rapidly growing as the airport is establishing contracts with many top-rated airline companies.

Nippon and Japan Airlines are the biggest and most economical airlines, using Tokyo airport for their services. It is also popular as the most on-time airline all over the world.


5- LAX, International Los Angeles Airport

HND, International Tokyo Airport

In America, it is renowned as the second biggest airport. In the past, it was famous as Mines Field airport. The name was definitely unsuitable for an airport; therefore, a reassuring name was selected.

It has given the credit that US legacy Carriers (United, Delta, and American) have selected this airport. It is the center for Atlas Air, Virgin America, and Alaska Airlines.

Los Angeles Airport gained the status of the primary private terminal in 2017. Its location is far from the paparazzi and the public. The celebrities must take just 70 footsteps from the terminal to enter the plane. One must pay a dollar 7,500 annually and domestic and international flight charges to get the membership. Domestic trips demand $2700 whereas $3000 is charged for worldwide flights. If you are not interested in getting the membership, pay $3,500 nominal charges for a domestic flight or 4000 dollars for worldwide trips.


6- O’Hare Chicago International Airport

O’Hare Chicago International Airport

The third biggest American airport is situated in Northwestern Chicago. In 2020, almost 30 million travelers used this international airport. In fact, it has ranked as the 6th busiest landing field. Till 1998, Chicago airport was known for being the highest traffic airport, but Hartsfield-Jackson drove out its label.

In the USA, O’Hare Chicago is the strategic associate for a lot of the biggest airlines. According to the daily flight ratio and annual passengers, this airport is graded as the second significant center for American Airlines. Furthermore, this international airport has maximum connections between outbound and inbound flights within 6-hour casement.

Chicago airport is one of the preeminent airports in America. It has received several Awards of Excellence from American travelers. Excellent service and status have turned O’Hare Airport into the most acknowledged and positively reputed airline business.


7- Heathrow Airport London

Heathrow Airport London

Heathrow London Airport is the busiest airfield in Europe, whereas it has attained 7th position worldwide for maximum traffic. This airport serves more than 81 airlines and 204 different targets in 85 countries. British Airways uses this airport for its functions.

In 2012, Heathrow was the third busiest and biggest airport, but unluckily it could not maintain its status. Close to the north side of the runway, it is planning to launch another airport that will be competent to boost traffic. It is estimated that the new airport plan will complete by the end of 2025. There is another proposal for a rail project to make the connection between Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport. If these two projects are accomplished by 2025, other international airports will also have plenty of time to grow and supersede Heathrow airport.

Interesting Fact:

At Heathrow, Breakfast is the most demanding and appetizing meal. More than 5 million eggs, bacon slices 4.5 million, and croissants 6.4 million, along with a significant number of pastries, are served to passengers each and every year.


8- HKG, International Hong Kong Airport

HKG, International Hong Kong Airport

Chek Lap Kok, or Hong Kong International Airport, was designed in 1998 to provide a substitute for Kai Tak Airport, which was constructed in 1925, and is present in an urban high population area. The Kai Tak airport had a single runway that was seriously hazardous. Moreover, it was difficult for pilots to land at this airport safely and soundly. The old Kai Tak airport was terrible, where stick and rudder were the only flying skill required for pilots.

In 1990, the airport services and pilots faced severe issues. Due to an increase in cargo capacity and the number of travelers, it became impossible to take off on time. One flight out of every three was delayed. Even the condition became worst when the set of laws against noise pollution was placed. Consequently, nighttime flights were controlled. In other words, Kai Tak airport was unable to manage the traffic volume anymore.

Check Lap Kok airport was established to handle massive travelers. It has two runways and is capable of directing more than 1100 flights within 24 hours. Hong Kong Airport has 100 restaurants, more than 320 superstores, and 73000 staff members.

The airport received several rewards for excellent services. It has been given an award from Skytrax for “The Best Airport Worldwide for Dining.” Furthermore, Air Transport Research Society has been honored with an award “Top Asian Efficiency Excellence Airport.” In addition, five more high-status tributes were given just in 2017. Keep in mind; it is not the biggest airport, but still, it has managed to offer superb services.


9- PVG, Pudong Shanghai International Airport

PVG, Pudong Shanghai International Airport

In 1999, Pudong Shanghai airport opened its services in order to release pressure from Hongqiao airport. Now, it is included among one of the busiest Chinese Airports. Though the Hongqiao is still in operating form, it serves mainly domestic flights. Comparatively, the Pudong is used for domestic as well as international flights. As far as the distance from the city is concerned, it is just 15 to 20 minutes drive from city.

A few years ago, the size of Pudong Shanghai was 65% less than Hong Kong International. In 2017, there was just 4% difference in the size between the two airports. It is expected that Pudong Shanghai will surpass the Hong Kong airport within the next few years. There are plans to develop a satellite terminal with two more runways and one more main terminal to manage more than 80 million annual travelers.


10- Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport

Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport

It is the 2nd biggest European airport, having the capacity to handle the movement of 120 aircraft per hour. Credit goes to the ground-breaking corresponding runway system. 2 pairs of similar runways are used on an independent basis. Every pair contains one runway for departure and one for arrival. As a result, these parallel runway systems are capable of accommodating maximum aircraft while overcoming the noise pollution caused during take-off and landing.

Apart from the innovative parallel system, this airport is also popular for many other reasons. Recently, the airport services have launched two shuttles for carrying passengers amid airlines offices, hotel zone, and airports. Side by side, the environmental policy is only one of its kind. State-of-the-art techniques are employed to overcome the carbon footprint (CO2 release) of up to 65%. The airport has an advanced system to use more than 15% renewable sources of energy.


11- AMS, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

AMS, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

This single terminal airport is divided into three different departure halls. It is not a good idea to manage a large hub. Moreover, the baggage system is unusual as six robots are present to load the baggage container. There are five basic runways along with 90 gates to adjust easily to almost 106 arrivals as well as 110 departures within an hour.

The grade of this airport is not on the top of the list; however, it has gained first-rate status in other means. It is popular for First Park inside the airport just to get relaxed in a peaceful environment between flights. Furthermore, it has established the first library and museum (The Rijksmuseum) at the airport to make the waiting hours full of fun for passengers. Due to these innovative features, Amsterdam Schiphol airport has received 200 worldwide awards as well as European airport honors within the last 30 years from passengers and airline organizations.

Amsterdam Schiphol is the oldest European airfield, still maintaining its location where the first plane landed in 1916. All over the world, this airport is considered the 2nd lowest since it is located 4.5 meters lower than sea level.

Interesting Fact

Many myths are associated with the Schiphol name and its origin; however, the most common legend is related to Haarlemmer Lake, where several boats sank, developing the name “Scheepshol” or “Schip Holl”, meaning “Ship Grave”.


12- DFW, Worth International Dallas/Fort Airport

DFW, Worth International Dallas

DFW Airport has been nominated as the 12th largest and busiest airfield. It works for 229 destinations through 165 gates. Almost 228,000 employees are working and getting $12.5 billion in pay. The location is quite unique as getting access to all major US cities by plane needs just four hours.

This airport is abode to the art program, covering excellent work of international, national, and local artists. In addition, the airport has a sculpture garden as well. As far as the area of Dallas/Fort airport is concerned, it is largest than Manhattan island and capable of adjusting to International Los Angeles Airport and O’Hare airport easily while still having some spare areas for other activities.


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