Transform Your Life with 11 Keystone Habits

by Shamsul
Keystone Habits For better life
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Transform Your Life with 11 Keystone Habits

Preface: The Habit Articles series based on  6 Sections and It consists of around 12k+ words. This is the First Series. 


Are you one of those people that are not happy with the way of your life? Well, to be honest, it is something that is faced by most of the people in our society. As social animals, human beings are by default naturally oriented towards others. It is a kind of theory that needs to be forgotten now. Habit is a dominant force that shapes our behaviors and activities. There are multiple routines in life that can help us transform. It doesn’t matter what are the circumstances, you can still take your life to the next level. The major problem is that most of us still possess these habits but we are unaware of it. One of the most important aspects is that we need to understand the characteristics with which we can harness these habits.

Life is a combination of health, work, and relationships. You need to start living the life that you deserve. For that, you need to focus on what you do. It is a fact that habits are not created at an equal level. Some of these habits may have a bigger impact on life. These habits have a high potential of providing long term benefits in life. These habits are called keystone habits. Logically speaking, if we talk about the rate of return, then these habits have a high return in real life. For most of us, keystone habits are like other habits that we usually follow, however, there is a major difference found in these habits. Keystone habits can actually continue to give positive results while having a change in behavior in unexpected ways.

Power Of Habit:

In “power of habit” Charles Duhigg narrates that “keystone habits” are correlated to the other habits. One of the common examples is exercising that can make you eat healthy food on the other hand. A direct cause and its effect is not something that is associated with keystone habits but it can definitely trigger the chain reaction that can lead to fruitful habits. It is a fact that all keystone habits may not have the same kind of positive impact. You need to recognize the correct keystone habit in order to change your life for the better.

Let us dive into some of the keystone habits that are powerful and can get you a fresh start that you deserve.

 Insight on keystone habits

1- Why Dressing Appropriately Considered As A Keystone Habit?

Being positive in life means you need to have a dressing sense. It is a kind of keystone habit that can bring a positive change in your life immediately. People treat well-dressed individuals in a completely different way. Dress in a way that you look confident and self-assured. This habit will get you the respect that you deserve.

2- Neatly Arrange Your Bed

To be an achiever in life, never take anything for granted. Productive people are realistic in every sense. A keystone habit of high achievers is that they make their bed every morning. It is a kind of task that can be done in minutes. So, why not to arrange your bed every morning as it will give you a sense of pride and encouragement to set up for the day.

3- Try Preparing Yourself a Meal

Adopting a new lifestyle is always handy. Everyone likes eating but there are some people who love to cook as well. Cooking is something that can help you eat healthy food. Developing a habit of cooking is advantageous in a number of ways. It helps you enjoy the power of control that directly affects your physical and mental health.

4- Workout Regularly

If you have a habit of sparing time for a workout then you are heading in the right direction. To change your life, you need to be on your feet. Working out regularly should be an essential part of your daily. Making it a habit means you can get quality of life in order to perform activities to your full potential. Workout can help boost your mood and it is something that can be a driving force.

5- Role of Time Management 

Does time management have something to do with a life change? Definitely yes, time management is something that has an effect on life.

Have you ever realized how beneficial can it be once you start following it? Well, it is a habit that can help you identify the tasks that are to be completed in a given time frame. Effectively utilizing the time makes you more productive.

6- Be Thankful For What You Have 

Generally, most of the people tend to look at something that they don’t have. Does anyone realize the things that other people don’t have? If you are not thankful for what you have, it can never be a helping attitude at all. Embracing gratitude is something that helps a lot in life. It should be an essential part of your life because it highlights positivity.

7- Be Motivated to Learn

Life is all about a process that involves learning at every stage. To be ahead of what you want, make a habit of learning continuously. Be an active part of society, so that you can make a meaningful contribution. Find a learning platform as it is easily available. Get a skill set that is worthy. It will help you dream bigger.

8- Sleep is The Key

Sleep is also a keystone habit that leads to many other benefits such as eating healthier, making more sound decisions, maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing stress. You need to ensure a high quality of sleep for at least 6-8 hours daily. A sleep-deprived mind will not be able to handle the job because of a lack of energy and thinking ability.

9- Develop an Eating Plan

A healthy eating routine is a mandatory habit for a quality lifestyle. Keeping a record of what you are eating is even more advantageous. You must be wondering that why would you need to write whatever you eat? Well, most of the people find themselves in a situation that triggers their eating routines. Once you have the record of what you have eaten, then it be can be re-evaluated

10- Follow a Definite Plan

Following the same routine seems to be a boring schedule. But consistency is something that can transform your life in a completely different way. Follow the plan no matter what happens in your daily schedule. Let us have a look at the ways with which you can organize your routines.

Sometimes a small change can lead you to happiness and wealth. Asking for the addition of habit may seem easier in saying but in reality, it is not that easy. But dedication and commitment can lead you towards the goals. There are some small steps that can small habits into the sequence.

11- Have you Heard about Habit Stacking?

Habit stacking is a technique that can be used to group small changes into a daily routine. The whole concept revolves around consistency. Instead of creating a series of tasks, let us stack each habit like a single project.

What we are Trying to Say Here?

You need to understand that every individual action must not be treated as a single component. As a person, you need to keep tracking each behavior. Practically, it can be quite problematic. However, appropriate action would be to consider the whole routine as one habit. It will certainly make it easier for a person to follow the rule. Moreover, you can remember and complete routine with convenience. Habit stacking might seem a difficult task as first, but when you start practicing, it will look a lot easier than you think.

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