10 Ways Video Marketing Can Increase Your Website Traffic

Video Marketing

by Shamsul
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10 Ways Video Marketing Can Increase Your Website Traffic


Generating traffic on your website is an overwhelming process. If you are planning to use video marketing to increase your website traffic, you have cracked the right idea. These days, video content is one of the most popular and engaging marketing tactics. It helps to get the attention of your audience and keeps them on your website for a longer period of time. Through video content marketing, you can also enhance your search engine rankings.

According to a report, more than 65 percent of businesses and companies are using video content marketing to drive more traffic. They are getting higher ROI (Return on Investment) by exploiting video content on their site. Here, we have curated some top reasons that show why every business should use video content marketing,

  • By adding short-form video content to your site, you can increase your conversion rate up to 130 percent.
  • You can enhance your search engine rankings by featuring video content on your site.
  • Video content can create all the difference when it comes to establishing an emotional connection with your customers. It helps to increase your loyalty and trust level among users. Moreover, video content can force users to buy your products or services.
  • You can easily increase the clients’ base by the attention of your target audience through video content marketing. In addition, video content is very helpful in entertaining and educating people.

The growing use of smartphones gives marketers a big opportunity to invest in video content marketing. They should capitalize on this factor to gain a prominent position in the market. Moreover, video content’s influence is increasing day by day, and many companies are taking advantage of this thing. It is important to create catchy and useful content that can grab the interest of users immediately.


Video Content Drives Return on Investment (ROI) and Sales

A brand or business can easily narrate its story in a more engaging way with the help of video content. Through video content, a company can explain its offerings and services concisely and clearly. It can help to convert your target audience into a loyal audience. Customers can interact with your brand and love to buy your products. Consequently, your return on investment (ROI) and sales will increase.


Video Content Promotes Social Shares

According to a survey, video content is one of the most sharing content on social media compared to images and texts. When your audience likes your video content, they love to share it from their social accounts. They share your video with friends and family. As a result, your brand gets socially popular. They help to engage other audiences and your customer base increases automatically. You also see a huge boom in your sales and return on investment.


Video Content Increases Website Traffic

When you feature your video content on your website, your audience will love to spend more time on your site just because of the entertaining content. This kind of content is not only helpful for your search engine rankings but also increases customer loyalty. In short, video content can help to target new customers and can also help to retain existing customers.

Video content can help to generate maximum traffic on your website. Google will understand that your content is worthwhile and that’s why people are spending their time on your website. As a result, your website’s ranking will improve on Google and it can easily attract targeted visitors.

Techniques for Video Content Marketing


1- Optimizing Your Video Landing Page:

Creating and publishing your video is not the only thing you have to do. It is important to tell people about your video content. How to do it right? Well, video landing page optimizations are a great idea to begin with. If your target audience can’t seem to search for you, then your landing page is not useful. By the use of social media posts and ads, you can completely optimize your video landing page. This factor will make your page more noticeable and valuable. So, adding videos to your written content is crucial.

You can create short video content in which you can tell about your website and offerings. Customers can easily explore and discover your page. Moreover, video content is highly beneficial for your search engine rankings. So, people can easily find you when your ranking on search engines improves. Don’t forget to post your video content with the right SEO-optimized keywords.


2- Create and Publish Short-form Video Content:

When it comes to getting users’ involvement, short-form video content is highly useful. You can see the popularity of short video content on social media, YouTube, and TikTok. Nowadays, customers want a representation of a product in just a 10 to 15-second video. A 15-minute video of a specific product is not suitable. You have to convey your message in short video content. Your content should have the ability to force people to check your products. If you fail to convey your message clearly, your conversion rate (CR) will suffer


3- Approachability of Landing Page Design:

If your website is not mobile-friendly, your content will not be able to get the notice of the target audience. Your page’s responsiveness is highly important in order to attract readers, viewers, and customers. They can learn about your brand and will become your regular customers.

More than 40 percent of users skip those sites that are not mobile-friendly. On the other hand, you should pay attention to the design of your website. It should be eye-catching and attractive. A wonderful layout of your design will force users to visit your site again and again. You can take the help of a professional website designer in this matter


4- Loading Time of Site:

People don’t like those websites that take so much loading time. Moreover, web browsers also discourage these types of site. Your page should load within 2 seconds otherwise people will not open your page again. You can collaborate with Google to evaluate your page’s loading and running time.

Faster running and loading sites easily load videos. Video content marketing will only work when your website loads quickly.


5- Selecting Different Marketing Channels for Video Content:

If you want effective video marketing, it is necessary it reached the right audience. In this situation, you have to select various marketing platforms for posting video content. With correct video content marketing, you can enhance your brand’s exposure globally and can also establish client loyalty. You should target your customers on the basis of their location, culture, demographics, and other social factors. By using the following platforms, you can generate ultimate traffic on your website through video content,

  • Social media, blog, email, website (Owned Media)
  • Paid influencer, search ads, native content, social media ads (Paid Media)
  • Influencer marketing, review, endorsements, publicity (Earned Media)

6- Create Your Own Personal Video Content:

If you are planning to create your own personal video content, then you must add some factors such as customer preferences and requirements for your video content. Users like this kind of marketing material in which they are discussed prominently. Being a business owner, you should adapt your videos according to the needs of your users. According to a survey, targeted consumers love to watch personalized marketing content.

This type of content is highly in demand. It is vital to align your video marketing content with your consumer’s needs. Customized video content will help to increase return on investment and sales. You can hire the services of a content writer to make catchy content for your video marketing.

Customers love to listen and purchase from a brand that treats them individually. There are plethora of brands in the market that focuses on individuality in their marketing strategies. Through personalization, you can easily enhance customer engagement with your brand. Convey a clear goal in each video. Here are some helpful factors:

  • Add call to action (CTA) button at the end of your video content. Customers can easily click the button and make purchases.
  • Add a reminder to subscribe to your page and leave comments on video content.
  • Utilize ads to boost your page’s visibility.

7- Provide Sharing Options:

It would be great if thousands and millions of viewers watched your video content. Allow your audience to participate by providing sharing options to your content. It is important to define your target audience clearly and makes sure that you are targeting the right people.

You can see The Guardia’s video content on almost every social media platform because they allow users to share its videos and content. To achieve this thing, you have to add sharing options in your content. If you want to get feedback, you can add a comment section too. It is a common practice that if you like something you will love to share it with your social circle. As a result, your video can get the hype it needed.

Social media can play a big part in enhancing your brand’s visibility and exposure. Every brand must exploit social media platforms effectively. Consequently, more people will visit your page and you can effortlessly generate more traffic.


8- Adding Video Transcript:

Customers are likely to see a video if it holds the specific information they are searching for. If you want to increase customer engagement, you can provide them with a video transcript. It contains extra information that they are looking for. In a nutshell, customers can get an idea of what to assume from your video content.

The information you provide through your video content will help increase your customers’ interest. The views, likes, interactions, and comments on your video will automatically increase. To provide extra information, you can add a video transcript. Don’t forget to add the target keywords in the URL to enhance your search engine rankings.

On the other hand, you can transcribe the video into text. Add primary keywords in your title to enhance the ranking of your video in search rankings.


9- Reviews, Testimonials, & Ratings:

There is no shortage of influencers’ Instagram accounts. You can see thousands of commercial posts on Instagram. As a company, you can feature influencer-offered reviews and testimonials on your site. If the testimony is positive, it will encourage customers to buy your products. You can also add reviews of influencers. According to different surveys, the majority of customers make their purchasing decision after reading reviews and checking customer feedback.

If you add social proofs of your products and services to your video marketing, then it will help to enhance your customer base and sales as well. You should use testimonials, ratings, reviews, and feedback in your marketing strategy to gain the trust of customers.

Your paid influencers and previous shoppers can give their testimonials and reviews about your offers. Add catchy responses in your email and in the weekly newsletter for frequent shoppers in the form of “Thank you for shopping our products”.

Ratings, testimonials, and reviews are also helpful in driving traffic to your site. They will motivate users to see your videos and posts.


10- Create and Publish Different Types of Video Content:

In order to advertise your brand or business effectively, you should focus on different types of video marketing. Creating different videos can help you in your ad campaign. The following types of video content can help you generate more traffic,

  • Explanatory Video Content:

Explanatory video content is an excellent idea if you want to provide knowledge and educate your audience about your products and services. It will allow users to see a product video instead of reading its description.

Moreover, it is more enjoyable, engaging, and convenient. You can demonstrate each and every aspect of your product in the form of explanatory video content.

  • Live Streaming:

Video content helps customers to connect with companies or brands. Using live streaming can help you increase your sales by up to 30 percent. Investing in high-quality music, images, and videos is crucial when you go for live streaming. By using better tools and equipment, you can make live streaming incredibly attractive.


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