10 Most Underrated Mysterious Places in the World

Mysterious Places

by Shamsul
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10 Most Underrated Mysterious Places in the World


Our Beautiful World is stuffed with many interesting and mysterious places. It is a bit challenging to find the most mysterious place on earth. These unusual places exist but are underrated because most people are not aware of these sites. If you like to accept challenges and want to discover the most underrated mysterious places, this post is definitely for you. Are you ready to go on a virtual tour? Here is the complete list of the most underrated weird places in the World.

Uluru, Australia:

This site has always attracted visitors due to its adventure line. It is an enormous block of rock that looks like the upper shell of a tortoise. 

This site attracts both history buffs and hikers. It is believed that this place is the beginning of Aboriginal Australians.

The Banff Springs Hotel, Canada:

If you are a fan of Stanley Kubrick, then you must be aware of this hotel, located in Canada. This excellent hotel is full of bizarre things, ghost stories, and unexplained mysteries. This hotel is haunted because of the murder associated with a family. Due to this reason, it is one of the most underrated mysterious places.

Stonehenge, England:

This mysterious and magical structure in England is one of the major tourist attractions. It is one of the most important wonders in the World, and its structure is 5000 years old. Basically, it is a cluster of humongous stones. Till now, people don’t know the purpose of these stones, and it is an unexplained mystery.

Roswell, USA:

This place is known for alien conspiracy theories. This place made headlines in 1947 when a worker informed the authorities about a flying saucer crash. If you are in New Mexico, then you must see this place. Isn’t it mysterious?

Kodinhi (the Village of Twins), India:

According to researchers, this is one of the weirdest phenomenons in the World. It is a small village in Kerala, and every family who lives here has a pair of twins, isn’t it amazing? That’s why it is called the village of twins. Since 1948, the number of twins is increasing with each passing year.

Kamakhya Devi Temple, India:

In the State of Assam, it is a gorgeous hilltop temple. There is a legend that this temple is constructed in a place where Sati’s vagina fell. Several mysterious things happen every year in this temple, but something happens for three days every three months. People believe that it is a menstrual cycle of the goddess, and the river Brahmaputra turns red with her blood.

Highgate Cemetery, England:

If you like to accept challenges, then you must go to this place. It is one of the scariest places in England that consists of an angelic figure, several tombs, and laughing gargoyles. It is also considered the hometown of blood-sucking vampires. But, people are still unaware of the reality.

Great Blue Hole, Belize:

This place is considered a heaven for underwater explorers and divers. It is one of the biggest sinkholes in the World, making it highly mysterious and phenomenal. Currently, it is one of the most challenging sites to explore, and that’s its beauty.

Devil’s Bridge, Germany:

If you are a huge fan of watching unique things, then you must see this bridge. Legend has it that this beautiful bridge is the creation of devils because humans can’t build such bridges. That’s why its name is devil’s bridge. On the other hand, people have reported several supernatural happenings.

Crooked Forest, Poland:

You can guess the weirdness of this forest by its name. Many people believe that it is an unusual thing that makes it super mysterious. It is also called a mysterious forest because of the twisted trees. Moreover, it is a home of more than 400 pine trees.


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