10 Lesser-Known Salesforce Forms Features Which Are Very Useful

by Shamsul
Salesforce Forms Featuress
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10 Lesser-Known Salesforce Forms Features Which Are Very Useful


The comprehensive Salesforce Forms platform has a lot to offer, undoubtedly practical tools to have within your back pocket and used as and when required. Even if you are an experienced Salesforce professional, you will still come across some Salesforce form features you have been unaware of until now. Meeting the requirements of a user through standard Salesforce forms features is an effective solution. In comparision to building a customized solution that is at the risk of breaking every time a Salesforce form is effective.   


Lesser Known Facts about Salesforce Forms

Auto-Response Rules

The auto-response rule feature automatically delivers emails to Cases or Leads that meet the set criteria standards. These can be very effective in making the prospects know that you have received a contact request on their part and assuring the customers that you are working over their support request. Users can easily set multiple rules by using different templates for emails to reduce legwork and still deliver an excellent first impression.

Advanced Currency Management and Multiple Currencies

For enterprises dealing with customers in different currencies, the Multiple Currencies feature of Salesforce forms is very useful and effective. Additionally, the feature of Advanced Currency Management takes this process a step further. Although, both the features are distinct, they are able to use in combination to manage multiple currencies effectively.

Multiple currencies: This feature enables the use of multiple currencies in forecasts, opportunities, reports, quotes as well as other data. Different users will get default currencies and change records to a particular currency.

Advanced Currency Management: This feature helps in managing dated exchange rates within Salesforce form opportunities which allow mapping a conversion rate within a particular date range. The meaning of this is that if an opportunity is ‘closed won’ at a particular date, the amount of opportunity, when converted into any other currency. It will be fixed for that certain date and will not change in the future, irrespective of currency fluctuations. 


Enterprise Territory Management

This feature of Salesforce forms allows controlling Opportunity, Account, and Contact access based upon the Account’s criteria. In this way, the user can structure a shared system ideally suited to the particular sales territories. A common practice for territories is to align geographically; however, this can be based upon other features such as product or industry. The Territory Management feature was announced to lapse in June 2020. However, the introduction of Enterprise Territory Management may appear to gear towards corporations only. However, even small-scale organizations can also use it with additional flexibility.

Account Teams

Account Team is a group of users collectively working over an account and identifies who is working over the accounts through Team Roles. This feature of Salesforce forms has undergone a major up gradation in 2020, which eventually resolved the limitations involved since the transitioning of the feature to Lightning. In order to manage a large Salesforce, managers should certainly enable this feature which involves greater flexibility within account ownership.  

Related Contacts

This feature is the name of the Account-related list. Which shows ‘Account Contact Relationships.’ Through this way, users can define relationships between the accounts (the business) and the contacts (individuals). A fact is that in the real world, not all connections follow the classic B2B-business-cookie-cutter approach following a clean contact with the account structures. Through Account Contact Relationships, reality can get reconstructed with individual networks. It operate with multiple accounts in varying capacities (e.g., affiliate, partner, agent, contractor, employee, etc).

Content Delivery

Through the Content Delivery feature, users can deliver documents (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and others) to a recipient by providing a customized link to an optimized web-based version for easy viewing online or download. Content Deliveries include:

  • Sending options with password encryption (required/optional).
  • Locking the downloading option.
  • Notifying the sender when the content is viewed.

Reporting Snapshots

The Snapshots feature of Salesforce forms allows users to capture images of the records. They can freeze data over them for future reference. The bonus point for this feature is that it include out-of-the-box within all Salesforce organizations is very easy to set up. An everyday use case of this characteristic is Opportunity Pipeline Change with time. However, users can also use this feature to capture API call trends. Case volume-per-rep changing over time, or the number of Leads of the owner with time.

Salesforce to Salesforce

This feature allows the user to share CRM data with those other enterprises that use Salesforce. This transfer usually occurs between partner organizations working over similar Opportunities and mutual customer accounts.

Custom Settings

The custom Setting feature can be used to up-gradation of the frequently changing elements without having to update individual components one after one. This feature can be accompanied by Flows to continuously update changing elements without jumping into Flow Builder every time.


Visual Study Code (VSCode) is an open-source and free product of Microsoft and is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This feature is basically a developer tool that Salesforce Admin borrows to speed up the process of Salesforce configuration. VSCode appears on the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exam. The candidates need to explain the available options for moving metadata between the environments (Salesforce extensions for Visual Studio Code, changesets).

Although the features mentioned above are lesser-known. However, integrating these features within Salesforce forms building can simplify the workload. Moreover, it helps manage even the smallest of the details. Web-based Salesforce services offered by Many websites are of exceptionally high quality. The industries and companies will undoubtedly manage their sales workforce effectively and efficiently. A service incorporating the essential Salesforce forms features along with those features that can enhance work quality is certainly a good combination that you should go for.


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