10 Effective Business Communication Ways in 2022 to Reach Clients

by Shamsul
Business Communication 2022
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10 Business Communication Trends in 2022


The novel pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the way of business communication, especially in the last two years. It really matters how a business communicates with its customers and employees. Things are getting reverse daily as we attend in-person meetings and socialize again. We are putting aside social distancing measures. In short, the change is here to stay.

So, let’s get started! How will businesses communicate in 2022? Below, we are going to discuss ten business communication trends.


Harnessing Business Communication Communication Platforms and Collaborative Workspaces

Many companies developed internal Business Communication platforms and collaborative workspaces during the period of COVID in order to enhance remote working. These platforms are here to stay in 2022. Any company organization can’t achieve productivity without team collaboration. Through collaboration platforms, team members can track progress, share ideas, and assign different tasks to each other. These platforms allowed team members to enhance their workflow and reduce distractions during remote work. Nowadays, many teams can’t achieve the highest level of productivity without these collaborative platforms and workspaces.

Recently, a software company called Intranet successfully achieved people-centric and crucial communication. They are now enjoying the maximum advantage of business communication in terms of the highest efficiency and productivity.


1- Relying on Cloud Business Communication Platform

When the trend of working from home first appeared in early 2022, many organizations and companies suffered because most of their tools and data were only accessible through office devices. After this, these businesses move toward cloud platforms. This business communication trend solved the issue and got numerous solutions as well.

A company can reduce its maintenance fees and hardware costs by integrating cloud-storage solutions into its working system. These companies can become more adaptable and agile in data accessing and sharing. This platform allows team members to maintain workflows and establish good communication from anywhere. A team member can effectively communicate with customers by pulling relevant information through cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) software.

On the other hand, employees can establish a good business identity with the help of cloud-based virtual phone systems. It allows them to answer any call on their smartphone, laptop, or office phone.


2- Going All-in on Unified Business Communications

It was hard for team members to address each customer in order to respond to their queries. It was one of the biggest challenges for businesses in 2020 and 2021. Dealing with a plethora of messages was a challenging task. From video conferences to emails, texts, and voice calls on different social platforms such as Signal, WhatsApp, and Telegram. It was tough for team members to deal with these notifications because it is depressing and time-consuming.

In order to fix this problem, unified communication is the only concept. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platform helps to centralize these communication platforms. It allows team members to maintain workflow without feeling burdened. They can smoothly and easily maintain everything with unified communication.


4- Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Boost Personalization and Customer Service Efficiency

Artificial intelligence is one of the widely used technologies in almost every industry. This technology has transformed business communication in 2022. Machine learning and artificial intelligence apps are providing great interaction between customers and businesses, which results in the form of great satisfaction.

In personal assistance, the role of artificial intelligence is very huge. Artificial intelligence can effectively collect data from customers and convey it to the company so that they can respond to their queries. In short, AI is really helpful for team members as well as customers.

When it comes to making documentation and analytics, AI is also helping. This business communication trend is here to stay.


5- Self-Service AI Customer Care and Chatbots

NLP AI is another business communication trend that is directly involved in customer service. It is a self-service that allows maintaining routine interactions like passing information, handling refunds, and scheduling meetings. Chatbots are one of the most useful solutions in this category. It is really easy to integrate them into your site. Facebook Messenger and other social media channels offer chatbots in their business offers. This technology is also present in virtual business phones.

It has received immense recognition between businesses and customers due to its unlimited advantages. It gives relief to service agents from attending the routine calls or interactions. As a result, they can give attention to other challenges. Now, everything is done through AI, and they are fast than human agents.


6- Customer Communication via Social Media and Instant Messaging

The importance of social media is huge. It has influenced people’s lives during the lockdown period. This thing makes social media more crucial in the perspective of business communication. According to a study, over 54 percent of customers open social media platforms when they want to get information about a specific product they want to buy. Many customers browse an organization’s website and social media pages to analyze its overall values and culture. Here, we can’t neglect the importance of social media and its influence on people’s lives. It can be one of the biggest promotional tools for business.

Now, every business is establishing social media platforms in order to communicate with their target audience. It can take business communication of companies to a whole new level. It is obligatory for every business to use Facebook Messenger and DM features of Twitter to establish optimal communication with their customers. Moreover, they should focus on those messages that tag business.

It will allow businesses to resolve customers’ problems more effectively, increasing customer satisfaction. If you just ignore it, it will damage your reputation. People only follow those brands on social media they like.

In order to give tough times to rivals, it is imperative for every business to make a presence on different social media platforms. In short, the business can build effective communication with users over various social media platforms. Through such initiatives, they can also build a strong customer base and attract a new audience.


7- Depending on High-Quality Visual Content

One of the most compelling ways of building business communication with customers is depending on high-quality visual short-form content. It is the most popular form of communication these days, particularly short videos and infographics. We are not ignoring traditional forms of communication such as email marketing and blogging, but today’s trend is different. Due to the whopping growth of TikTok, short video content has become more engaging. Visual content is far better than written content when it comes to marketing or establishing communication with your audience.

To get the quick attention of the audience, a 60-second video format is ideal. With this feature, you can create engaging content to communicate your business message and get customers’ attention. After seeing the popularity of this trend, YouTube launched Shorts, and Instagram launched Reels.

Users like this kind of content and share it on their accounts across various platforms. A company can increase its revenue as well as reach with this kind of approach.

8- Integrating Business Communication into Websites and Business Apps vis CPaaS

Nowadays, every customer wants quick response and service from companies. They like to approach directly instead of switching between devices or apps. Due to this reason, several businesses are harnessing cloud-based CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service). With the help of CPaaS, companies can offer communications channels like video and voice calls in their applications. When you see “Contact Us” on a website, it is a common example of CPaaS. A customer can use it for asking for information about a specific product or problem it faces during shopping from the business app. It is worth remembering that CPaaS aren’t stand-alone apps.

9- Offering Reliable Business Communications

During the pandemic, everyone shifted their work to an online circle. Cybercrime increased during that period. From stealing customers’ data, identities, and ransomware, it was hard to stop this. They were using this data for their own benefit. They also targeted many businesses. Over 60 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises got attacked during the last two years. It was necessary to deal with these issues by offering reliable communications.

For this reason, many businesses and companies started focusing on their security. They are strengthening their intranet applications and collaboration tools. They act as a guard against cybercrime.

It is important for companies to define their cybersecurity measures for their users. Businesses are trying to establish a safe and reliable security system in order to protect customer data like names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.


10- Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality is one of the latest trends in business communication. AR and VR are highly useful in communication and financial dealings. They are not like 70s’ fiction novels; they are now tangible.

Augmented reality can offer a 3D experience to customers. As a result, you can get a real sense of the company’s services and products. You can check it from anywhere, from your office to home. It is a great chance for businesses to make their operations tech-savvy. It will surely attract younger consumers because they like technology.

VR can provide internal as well as external reaching opportunities to businesses. Walmart and General Electric have already established virtual reality training programs. Users can take advantage of this technology to get a clear idea about any product or service.


Final Thoughts

We will see some other major changes in business communication trends in 2022. We are living in a post-pandemic world, so changes are crucial for further development. These changes can bring customer satisfaction. Businesses can take the lead in the market by harnessing AR, VR, ML, and AI. They can make their operations more flexible and adaptable. This will help them to enhance customers’ communication experience.

It is imperative for a business to take benefit of new opportunities and technologies. Secure and reliable communications develop trust between customers and companies. In this regard, short-form visual content can give a huge growth opportunity to a company if appropriately utilized. Moreover, every business should make a presence on social media platforms to communicate effectively with their audience.


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