10 Characteristics of a Good Teacher

Good Teacher

by Shamsul
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10 Characteristics of a Good Teacher

As the new academic year approaches, the teachers become more active. It is time to say “Welcome” to new students. Not only do they welcome the new students, but also find students who received their upgrades. This is a happy moment. Teachers like to impress the students in order to get more attention. They want to give them something special that will last for longer and work for life. This is why teachers should upgrade themselves too. This is time for them to find new improvements and correct the mistakes they made in the past. We talked about the best features of a good teacher. Many philosophers presented about them valuable points. Here are the top ten characteristics of a good teacher.

George Grant:

George Grant

A good teacher always starts a new year with a fresh mind. He starts a new term, semester or even every day as a new day. Teaching sounds like a simple task. It may be simple for people who just read the books in front of students and say goodbye. However, it isn’t very easy for people who not only take the responsibility of academic but professional life of their students. Teaching is not a kid’s game. It demands more time.

It requires a teacher to prepare the lessons and find exciting ways to deliver. The mode of delivery is one of the most important features. Teachers who always come up with new delivery methods can easily win hearts. On the other hand, teachers who don’t start fresh usually fail to deliver a lecture according to the true meanings. So the very first thing all the teachers should use is the freshness of mind.

David Hicks:

David Hicks

Are you ready for questions? A teacher should always be prepared to have questions. He can’t impose his thoughts or opinions on students. This case is even worse at colleges and universities. Professors have to face challenges, especially when they develop new ideas. There are colleagues and staff. They have to deal with the students who learned about the old theories. A good teacher is always open to questions. He welcomes the questions in class or anywhere else. Students should not feel shy, or they should never hesitate while asking questions. Good teachers always promote the culture of asking questions. They love to hear from the students. It is an open-minded class culture.

In contrast, a bad teacher never welcomes the questions. He prepares old notes and delivers the same points to every class. This is why bad teachers don’t like questions. They have limited knowledge about the field of study. Those who love to find questions should also provide logical and satisfying answers to students.

Greg Wilbur:

Good Teacher

Education has spiritual links. It has dimensions that go beyond knowledge. There is no limit to knowledge and learning. Students who are ready to learn more should get their chances. Teachers should be open to new things and findings. They should never cover themselves with old school theories. It has been observed that some teachers limit themselves with old knowledge. They don’t want to advance their knowledge. This is a bad example for the students. Remember, students follow their teachers. They make icons or ideals at the colleges. They adopt styles or certain professors and want to do their things in a special way. What if the students learn to use the old knowledge from their teachers? What if they learn not to learn new things? Teachers should be highly careful in this matter. They should set examples with their character, knowledge and behavior.

Spiritual connectivity is another thing. Teachers should try to have a spiritual connection with students. This is very common in the primary and secondary education systems. Students remember their school teacher forever. They may ignore the college or university teachers, but it is hard for them to forget the school teachers. This is due to the fact that they learn about the true nature of virtue from these persons.

Tracey Lee Simmons:

Tracey Lee Simmons

For a long time, most teachers used to burn the old notes and lectures. Nowadays, this routine is changing. Today, no teacher burns the old notes, lectures and presentations. They like to keep them in the archive. These are the basics. These old notes might be useful for the students who want to revise the basics once again. It happens in many cases. For example, some students feel that they are weak in certain aspects. They may need assistance to cover the knowledge gap. These old notes may be helpful for the students. Good teachers always keep a copy of basic notes. The practice is very common at the university level. Professors store the presentations, research papers, books and other materials in the library or repository.

No doubt, the old notes may not be more useful because of the recent advances, but these are always good to clear the concepts. This is why professors always like to keep the old notes, but they never stop improving the lectures. They improve the lectures every day. They use a superior’s class experience, student interaction, and guidelines to bring positive changes in the notes. This creates a quality set of information that is ready to upgrade the knowledge-base of students.

Tim McIntosh | Good Teacher

Good Teacher

A link between student and teacher is similar to the tide of the ocean. It causes all the students to improve. Tim has several teachers but he likes the initial mentors. “No doubt, we usually ignore the initial supervisors after getting the modern professors, but initial mentors indeed have a primary role in background strengthening. They develop a strong background in academics. They are responsible for your academic and personal grooming. Great teachers always establish links with students. They never quit their connection with the students even after the passing out ceremony.

Cindy Rollins:

Cindy Rollins

Education is a process of understanding and seeing. Teachers are the medium who bring us to this level. Education gives us a clear idea about the specific fields and professions. It makes us able to understand complex things. It allows us to develop complicated things. Education provides us a chance to find the answers to technical questions. This is why teachers are always important. A good teacher always takes care of these things. He never underestimates the potential of any student. He sees everyone as a master class. A good teacher not only teaches the syllabus but also provides insights. He tells the students to broaden their knowledge about old and new things in order to ensure progress in life.

Andrew Kern | A Good Teacher

Andrew Kern

A good teacher has a set of useful habits. He learns about the context before teaching any lesson. Andrew tries to find full command of the topic before presenting it to students. He learns the skills before preparing students. For example, a swimming teacher can not prepare a team of good swimmers if he doesn’t know how to swim. This is why modern teachers, especially science teachers, master all the basic skills and techniques before joining their students.

Peter Vande Brake:


For sure, there are numerous habits a good teacher may have. However, curiosity is the key. A good teacher should be curious. In normal cases, we learn that students should be curious. This is good but a teacher should also be curious in order to balance the matter. A group of curious students may not learn the right things if they don’t have a curious teacher. They may end up learning something else while trying to have skills relevant to a technical field. Therefore, it is necessary for the teachers to master all the skills and techniques. Curious teachers are an asset.

They are always progressive and ready to learn. They accept the changes immediately and don’t require solid references to modify their previous practices. According to Brian Phillips, classical knowledge is the basic requirement. Learning classical knowledge may not benefit the students. However, teachers can turn classical knowledge into applied knowledge with the help of their curious nature. They can introduce more interesting points to investigate. This is how modern day science progresses. So then, curiosity stands as a superior habit of good teachers.

 Brian Phillips | Good Teacher

A Good Teacher

Given the possible readership for a creative list, it may sound strange to say it. However, ongoing learning is the best habit of a successful teacher. No teacher can stand in the field without upgrading his knowledge. The knowledge and learning requirements are changing with everyday passing. Nowadays, students want to have modern knowledge. They want to be successful in the professional field. It is only possible when they learn something modern and different from their seniors. A teacher should be open to new subjects, topics and techniques. He must get command of the new things in order to fulfill the modern requirements of students. A teacher who learns new things and has modern knowledge is a blessing for students.

Schools are old places where students see the basic syllabus. However, basic coursework is not enough to support them in modern day life. This is why students go to colleges and universities. They have the curiosity to gather new knowledge. This curiosity should also be present in the teachers. A college or university that encourages the teachers to learn new things gets more recognition in society. This is how famous universities such as Harvard, Oxford and others create a prestigious status in the world education system.

Joshua Gibbs:

Good Teacher

It may sound funny but a good teacher always eats and drinks well. This is a quality habit of a good teacher. In modern societies, teachers are very busy. They don’t have time for families and social activities. However, there is something that they can’t ignore. This is a diet. Good eating and drinking habit makes a perfect teacher. The teachers need to remain in good health in order to deal with daily life activities. They must keep the sickness and illness away.

The teachers must set a good example in front of students. They should teach their students to balance academic life with health. They should be role models in this matter. A good teacher has to attend several functions at academic places or in society. Their students keep inviting them for weddings, anniversaries, or other corporate events. Teachers who have good eating and drinking habits can survive in this routine without affecting their health.

Matt Bianco | A Good Teacher


How can teachers support the classroom activities? They have to learn how to avoid the lectures going in from one side and getting out from the second side. Teachers can make their lectures more entertaining. This is a common cause for teachers of some rough subjects such as mathematics and chemistry. They have to find interesting ways to make the classroom environment pleasant. Failing to do this may affect the learning process. The students will not take interest in the lecture if it is extremely rough. This is why most students don’t like to have educational degrees in mathematics and other similar subjects.

A good teacher explains all the steps of an academic topic and encourages the students to ask questions. He prepares the questions in mind. He expects that students may ask these questions so finding the answers becomes more important for him. Classic activity is another interesting way to make the lessons more attractive. In some cases, teachers assign topics to groups of students. This is an old technique but it comes up with new outcomes. A good teacher always provokes the students to ask questions. There is no need or reason to discourage this activity. Encourage the students to study the topics with friends after university time. Let them appear with certain questions. Decide a special hour for technical discussion. All these things come when both teachers and students are curious about the matter of learning.  

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