10 Best AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

by Shamsul
Grow your Business
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Grow Your Business with These 10 Best Artificial Intelligence AI Marketing Tools

While Artificial Intelligence AI marketing tools have been around for some time, their popularity surged in 2022. Gaining valuable data insights is important for both solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. This is necessary to understand your competitors and customers to make useful business decisions to grow your business. Artificial Intelligence marketing tools refer to software that leverages AI to swiftly gather and analyze data such as competitors’ analysis, customer behavior, product reviews, and more with marginal human involvement.

This post explains the 10 best Artificial Intelligence AI marketing tools to help grow your business. Moreover, affiliate marketers, content creators, and bloggers also utilize Artificial Intelligence marketing tools to devise data-driven business and marketing strategies that enable them to promote their businesses effectively. Thus, you can also leverage these AI marketing tools to grow your business.


Regarding artificial intelligence writing assistants, Jasper would definitely be on top. It exploits the GPT-3 model that OpenAI created. It can write blogs and articles like humans. Jasper.ai analyzes the topic’s tone, words, and paragraphs and delivers a professional article. It is really thrilling to see how Jasper creates content in different forms such as product descriptions, blog posts, emails, ad copy, and posts for social media in a matter of a few seconds.

Best Features of Jasper.ai

  • It has the ability to understand over 25 languages.
  • It has over 1100 free fonts.
  • It encompasses 2500 writing styles.
  • It can create over 1000-word and long-form articles and posts.
  • It has an instinctive interface that can easily adopt voice tones.



Acrolinx is an AI-based marketing tool that you can use to grow your business by enhancing the quality of work or content. This site mainly targets big companies like Amazon and Google. From aligning to toning and styling your content, this marketing tool will do it with ease in seconds. It reviews content and suggests edits by highlighting the tone of your content and grammar. This will ultimately help you to improve customer experience.

Best Features of Acrolinx

  • It reviews content and suggests necessary edits according to your company’s wording.
  • It also has an analytic dashboard to see insights.
  • It has the ability to integrate with over 50 authoring platforms.
  • It can also automate the process of editing.



This is one of the most versatile AI marketing tools that offer various services such as competitor analysis, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and many more. You will get everything on this platform. Individuals and enterprises trust this AI tool because of its innovative solutions. Its features will surely grab your attention. In simple words, it is a complete content marketing tool.

Best Features of Semrush

  • It has SEO tools that can grow traffic.
  • It has access to over 24 billion keywords for more than 130 countries.
  • It offers in-depth site audits.
  • It also offers competitor analysis.
  • It helps in creating drafts, post content, and schedules.


Seventh Sense

For email marketing, Seventh Sense is the best AI tool. It mainly works with Marketo and HubSpot. The most fantastic aspect of this AI tool is that it observes each user’s engagement with their inbox, including the time of the day they typically read or check emails. This kind of personalized marketing is ideal for getting the attention of your target audience. These days, email marketing is one of the leading ways to capture the interest of your audience, and Seventh Sense will help you do it with ease. You can effortlessly make attention-grabbing email marketing with this service.

Best Features of Seventh Sense

  • It helps to build a customer engagement plan or strategy.
  • These emails won’t go to spam because they are time-optimized.
  • It also offers email A/B testing.



It is a full-service optimization and content creation AI tool ideal for individuals and enterprises. They can strategize both short and long-term content with this marketing tool. It is also a research tool that helps generate topics and convert them into landing pages, emails, sales copies, and blog posts. MarketMuse also acts as a guide for giving key performance indicators (KPIs) and content briefs. It also offers suitable edits to enhance the readability and quality of your content.

Best Features of MarketMuse

  • It is a deep artificial intelligence research conducting tool.
  • It can create perfect drafts.
  • Its editing services improve the quality of content.
  • It is an all-in-one artificial intelligence marketing tool for your needs.


Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is an essential tool for individuals and businesses that can easily track your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) rankings on different search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, Amazon, and YouTube. Basically, it is a cloud-based app that can monitor your site simultaneously, which is a difficult thing to do in general. Moreover, Pro Rank offers accurate and insightful data that will help businesses make the right decisions to uplift their marketing. It can be accessed through mobile and desktop.

Best Features of Pro Rank Tracker

  • It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
  • Website owners, businesses, and SEO experts use this platform.
  • It is available in over 13 languages.
  • It can analyze charts, online views and data.
  • It has a built-in report generating feature that you can easily send to anyone.



Personalize is one of the most innovative AI marketing tools in this space. It helps to find the interest of your target audience in products and services. By exploiting its algorithm, you can monitor up to 3 products of interest per customer by identifying their digital footprint. It saves data based on the recurring frequency and site visits, providing real-time insights. It allows businesses and individuals to develop one-to-one marketing campaigns to market their services and products in the right place. This tool will help to increase clicks and open rates because of its fantastic marketing campaigns.

Best Features of Personalize

  • It provides real-time data of users based on their activities.
  • It offers a personalized marketing experience.
  • Its algorithm allows you to monitor customer preferences and behaviors.
  • It has tracking features in the form of recency, frequency, and time.



If we talk about organic AI marketing tools, then Scalenut will definitely impress you. It is an all-in-one marketing tool for your content needs. Moreover, it plans suitable keywords for your content according to your business niche. It also helps to uncover insights by building effective marketing strategies. It can also create SEO content using artificial intelligence writing tools. As a result, you get fully optimized and better content. It tracks your ranking on search engines as well.

Best Features of Scalenut

  • It develops SEO content in a step-by-step manner.
  • It has over 40 artificial intelligence writing templates.
  • It can write attractive marketing copy for your emails and website.
  • It is loved by modern marketers, founders, SEO professionals, and agency owners.



If you want to check your social media reputation, then you should use Brand24. It is a unique AI marketing tool that helps to unearth the real reputation of your business or brand on social media. You can analyze both positive and negative comments with this AI tool. It also analyzes conversions that contain your brand, competitors, or company from the internet. In short, this AI marketing tool will take your marketing efforts to a whole different level, whether you are a small enterprise or a big enterprise.

Best Features of Brand24

  • It has the ability to access over 25 million online resources.
  • It can analyze your brand and track it 24/7.
  • It measures your reach and mentions it statistically.
  • It also provides informative data about customers in the form of their likings and disliking.
  • It also measures hashtags’ volume and reaches.



INK helps optimize your content using an AI SEO assistant and copywriting tool. As a result, you can easily optimize your content for different search engines. You can write both short and long-form descriptions for your products or services. It also helps to analyze AI-written content and makes it unique and readable. Users can also find the most suitable keywords using this platform. It is a must-have marketing tool for your business.

Best Features of INK.

  • It is an all-in-one content solution for your content.
  • It can create optimized and resizable images.
  • It can simplify sentences and fix grammatical errors.
  • It helps to generate engaging content.
  • It also performs keyword research.
  • It has different writing modes, such as Colorblind and Dyslexia.


An Additional and one of the Important AI Marketing Tools


Grammarly is one the most potent AI writing tools that check grammar and spelling mistakes, making your content professional and engaging. Many businesses and professionals are using Grammarly. You can polish your entire content before sending or publishing it. Moreover, you can easily use it, which goes well with different apps such as WhatsApp, Gmail, LinkedIn, and more. You can buy its full features to get fantastic service. However, you can use its free version also.

Best Features of Grammarly

  • It is real-time writing assistance.
  • It can go well with different sites and apps across other devices.
  • It is mobile and desktop-friendly.
  • It has a built-in plagiarism checker.



Businesses have long relied on AI marketing and machine learning to streamline operations, boost revenue, and save time. But, in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, AI-powered tools have become essential for maintaining a competitive advantage. AI tools have significantly minimized human intervention, reducing the cost of retaining employees for numerous tasks. As AI marketing tools continue to improve and evolve, they can assist you in meeting all your marketing requirements and establishing a sustainable business.


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