10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone

by Shamsul
Android Apps for Smartphone
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10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone

Android is a Linux based Operating System that is used in the latest Smartphone devices. Usually, this OS is the most famous and a close player of iOS by Apple. If you are willing to buy a Smartphone-based upon the Android operating system, then you should go for the top Apps. Here are the 10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone.


The basic version of Spotify is free, but for a premium version, you have to subscribe. It brings a stripped-down playlist, combo radio, and other similar entertainments. Paid or premium version carries many extraordinary features and additional functions for users. This is one of the best 10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone.


For traveling and cycling, this app is useful to develop the tracks and highlight paths. Strava can also track your performance, fitness, ability to enlist goals and many other general things. You can now use its premium version to create the routes before to start cycling.


Evernote is the latest app to help users to save the ideas, modifications, and hints about some writing projects which you are going to write. Here, users can also create their own do-lists for some guidance and help to write a book or note. It is one of the best 10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone.


Pocket app is one of the most famous applications of Android 2015. You can access the websites for reading and the internet by this application that makes you able to save the web pages, even you have no internet connection to open these websites or pages.


This one is an essential Android app that everyone uses for instant messages and video calls which recently have been introduced. Almost every Smartphone having Android as an operating system gives the facility of WhatsApp to users. Use one of the best 10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone.


When you are using Twitter for entertainment and desire to watch video streaming, then Periscope will facilitate you in this. Everyone who likes Twitter immediate can download and install this app in Android phones to use it. You can create your own live comments and videos to share on twitter automatically with the help of these wonderfully organized applications in Android Smartphone.


Timehop gives you access to remind your past memories and this is a sum of many networks and apps. Usually, you use social media networks, but this is a better and more pleasing option in Android phones for the users. You can also link it with other social media platforms and forums. Get one of the best 10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone.


Snapspeed is a free application available in Android-based devices like Smartphone. You can use this app to edit taken, downloaded and sketched pictures to change the background or other things. Simply, it is better to develop the look of the captured pictures.

Google Maps:

The free app of Google Maps facilitates Smartphone users to find the location exactly. This application is available in every Android-based Smartphone, but if you cannot see and use it, then you must go to Play Store and download it for the use. It is one of the best 10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone.


Music collected browsed and stored in a cloud gives this app the name of CloudPlayer that has become the best way to get entertained. This is one of the best 10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone. In fact, this is a way to link your Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive with CloudPlayer easily to stream the latest music and enjoy anywhere on your smartphone.


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